5 Signs Your Toddler is Ready To Give Up Their Nap
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5 Signs Your Toddler is Ready to Give Up Their Nap

Is your toddler ready to give up their nap time? Check out these 5 signs to find out!The nap time hustle. It’s for real mamas. Those precious hours that you take advantage of while your toddler is sleeping is PRECIOUS to you. Maybe you get a shower in. Or do the dishes. Or, if the stars align, take a nap yourself. You get accustomed to have some down time during the day so the thought of giving that up is terrifying.

But if you’ve noticed that it’s getting harder and harder to get your toddler down for a nap, or maybe they are only sleeping for a half hour, the idea of nixing the nap may have crossed your mind. Is your toddler ready to give up their nap? 

Here are 5 signs your toddler may be ready to give up their nap:

  1. They play during their naps. If you notice that your little one plays for the majority of their nap time, then it could mean they are ready to cut it out of their daily routine. If your little one plays for the first hour, naps for the next hour, and
    then you wake them because they are sleeping too late in the day then you may want to consider nixing the Join this judgement-free community of kick ass mammas!nap.
  2. They fight the evening bedtime routine. Now, no kid likes to go to bed, so this alone is not enough to give up the nap. But if your toddler is consistently fighting bed time at night and stays awake for a long time after you put them down, it may be time to give up the nap. Kids should be sleeping 11-12 hours a day total, so use that as your guide. But when a kid doesn’t get to bed until 11 pm, it just sets them up for a rough morning. And you get to pick up the pieces!
  3. They aren’t asshats when they miss a nap. Nap schedules are great, but sometimes life happens and you just won’t be able to stick to it 100% of the time. If you notice that your toddler isn’t having complete meltdowns when they miss their afternoon nap then that is a sign they no longer need it. But if your toddler is a mess in the evening when they miss their nap, then stick to it! 
  4. Cat naps are nonexistent. Remember how you could almost set your watch to your kid falling asleep in the car? No? Well, they might be ready to give up nap time then. If they are stay awake in the car or on a stroller ride, it could be another sign that nap time may be a thing of the past.Did your child give up their nap? Is your sanity in question? Try this quiet time guide or help!
  5. Sleeps better at night when they miss a nap. The next time your toddler misses a nap, try putting them to bed an hour or so earlier than normal. Do they fall asleep quickly and stay asleep? Do they get their full 11 hours of sleep in? Do they wake up rested and in a delightful mood? Ok, that last one is a stretch. But for real, if you test this out and your toddler reacts well to going to bed a little earlier without a nap, then thats a sure sign that naps can go by the wayside.

Is your toddler showing any of these signs? If so, it’s probably time to give up the nap once and for all.

Now, before you say ‘WAIT! I’m not ready for this yet! I need my ME time!’, I totally get it. That’s why I’m hooking you up with my Quiet Time Guide. Use this as a starting point for transitioning your child from nap time to quiet time during the day.

This guide will give you tips and activities that you can have your child do in their room during their normal nap time. This way you still get some mom time and your child still has a chance to rest during the day.

Your sanity may depend on this!

Did your child give up their nap? Is your sanity in question? Try this quiet time guide or help!





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