Andrea Rhoades, Creator of Selfies to SelflessHey there! My name is Andrea and I’m a new(ish) mom living in the Midwest with my two young children and husband. I am on a mission to empower as many new moms as I can by bringing to light the unique challenges our generation of parents face.

Being a new mom is hard AF. And the added hurdles of online judgement, product choice overload, and chasing an Instagram worthy life, it’s no wonder new moms are more overwhelmed than ever.

Some of my (better) writing has been featured on Huffington Post, Scary Mommy and Parent.Co Badassery Magazine and other online publications. If you need some #momtips to get through the day, I’m sharing some great nuggets of info over in my parenting tips section. 

And if you want to see me in all my mom glory, you can find me on Instagram @selfiestoselfless. That is, if you like to watch me make fun of my kids when they are in the middle of a complete meltdown (don’t judge. I see you and your judgey eyes. It’s how I cope.) I’m also on Twitter @selfiesselfless and Facebook too. Because you know, I’m a Millennial.

I also just created a FB group (cause that’s what one does these days) for other kick ass moms to join in on. I bring in expert speakers and we have monthly online chats so we can keep sane during the early years of motherhood. Feel free to join in

If you are a new(ish) mom, let me know! I would love to chat and hear your story. Reach out to [email protected].


Andrea Rhoades

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My writing has been featured on Huffington Post and Scary Mommy

Want to Work With Me?

Nice! The Selfies to Selfless journey has allowed me to hear the good, the bad and the ugly of being a part of the newest generation of parents. Want to tap in to all of this knowledge? Then let’s work together!

If your brand is trying to tap in to the ever-popular Millennial demographic and you think reaching out to parents may be a good move, then let’s chat!

A sponsored post or brand giveaway may be the right fit, or perhaps an Instagram story about your product will do the trick. (Have you heard, I’m a pro at Instagram)

I’m also available for speaking engagements. If you want to hear more about what I’ve learned through talking to other Millennial parents (and if you are ok with a little sass), then let’s talk! I would love to come speak to your group, organization, or at your event.

Let’s see how we can work together.

You can reach out to me through email at [email protected]

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