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Cool Shit You Might Like (because I do) Week of October 16th 2017

Being a blogger means I’m constantly coming across some cool shit and I want to share it with my readers. It might be kid related, it might be mom related, or it might be simply interesting to me. Think of it as Oprah’s Favorite Things but without the car giveaways. Sorry.

I might include people I’m fan-girling over, a new kid product or activity, or something on Amazon that you can’t miss. Or Target deals, ’cause Target=life.


*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. What the hell does that mean? It means I might get compensated if you click on and purchase something from some of the links below. And by compensated I mean pennies. But hey, beer money is beer money. I’ll throw a * next to those so you know. Carry on. 

Picture This Clothing
If you have a budding artist in your house (or your kid is marking up your walls in crayons), put their creative juiciest to work by designing their own t-shirt or dress. This company takes your child’s drawing (even the random shit you have no idea what it’s supposed to be) and screen prints it on a shirt or dress. They look incredible and I bet your little artist would love to see their work come to life. 

Or hey, maybe you’ve been working on a masterpiece yourself! Design your own print and create a clothing line. #sidehustle 

Picture This


Polar Post
It’s never too early to prepare for Christmas and this is something that might put a little extra sprinkle of magic to the season this year. A blogger I follow on Instagram posted about this sweet little shop in the UK and I fell in love. I don’t get too Pinteresty but I do try to bring something special to the holiday each year.

This year’s extra little bit of special might just be these letters from Santa. They are personalized with your child’s name, where they are from, and even mentions a toy that they received (mom can put it in when the letter is ordered). The letter can be waiting for them under the tree or by the fireplace Christmas morning. It even has a beautifully handwritten envelope that you can get creative with. I’m thinking something along the lines of “Barely made the nice list…do better next year or else.”


Parenting The Sh*t Out Of Life*
Based on the title alone I was already sold, but this ‘parenting’ book is by one of my fave mammas out there, Anna Whitehouse of Mother Pukka. Anna has a way of seeing the humor in parenting which I find to be one of the best coping mechanisms a person can use. 

She uses her platform to raise awareness on how common miscarriage occurs as well as the need for flexible working environments for families. She’s spunky as hell and someone I could totally be BFFs with. At the very least check her out on Instagram. You may piss yourself in laughter.

And her book is good. REALLY good. She and her husband take turns writing about their parenting journey and though they say they aren’t dishing out parenting advice, you can’t help but learn something form two people who are really working through the shit stages of parenting.

You can get it on the Kindle app too which is a plus. 


TED Talk On Why You Don’t Need to Sweat the Small Stuff About Screen Time
I know you’ve felt guilty about handing over your phone or tablet to your kid to either distract them or get a few minutes of uninterrupted time to cook dinner. Maybe you’ve even been judged for it. I know I’ve seen the awkward glances from strangers if one of my kids is on my phone in public. 

Well fear not, because this really great TED Talk by Sara DeWitt talks about how screen tech can actually be freaking awesome for your kids. It’s called Three Fears About Screen Time for Kids-And Why They’re Not True. It’s about 13 minutes long but worth the view if it makes you more confident to hand over that phone.


Amazon Finds*
For when you spend too much time on your kid’s Halloween costume and forget about your own…

For when you like your coffee sassy like you…

-bonus for this mug is even when your kids learn to read they probably won’t get it. 


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