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Real Mom Review: Fresh Start to 2018 With FreshWave!

Real Mom Review: FreshWave Odor Reducing ProductsI’m not ashamed to admit it. My house stinks. Whether it’s the day old milk cup that’s been left out or my washed but not dried laundry that starts to get musty, my house can get smelly! I’m always on the hunt for solutions to help cut down on the stank so I was thrilled to partner with FreshWave to try out some of their products.

This post is sponsored by FreshWave. I’ve partnered with them to try out some of their products and share my thoughts and opinions. And don’t worry, I’m always going to be real with you about my experiences. #ad

FreshWave peaked my interest because they use all natural ingredients to help deodorize. I try not to have too many harsh chemicals around my kids so that was very appealing to me. And they have a wide variety of products from odor removing spray, gels, pet shampoo, candles, vacuum beads-they have the works!

FreshWave sent me a box of goodies to try and the timing couldn’t have been better. We were preparing to leave for a week long vacation so I tried some of the products out before I left and put the rest of them to the test when I returned. Here is a recap of my experience! 

One aspect I want share right off the bat is the smell of the FreshWave products. I tried their original scent (it doesn’t have a name, maybe natural?) and it is certainly potent. I found it to smell very ginger-y which was overall pleasant, but a bit overwhelming. The ingredients include all-natural plant oils like pine needles, aniseed, clove, cedar wood and lime. So if you have a sensitive nose, I would try one product first before purchasing a bundle. They also just introduced a lavender scented line of products so you may want to give that a try.

FreshWave Odor Removing SprayWith that being said, let’s jump in to some of the specific products. The first item I tried was the odor removing spray. The directions indicate the spray can be used for deodorizing clothing, pet bedding, backpacks, sports gear, and trash cans. But I knew how I wanted to put it to the test. On my husband’s smelly shoes!

He has a pair of boat shoes that he loves and since he doesn’t wear socks with them they are always stinky. I knew this would be a great test to see how the spray holds up. I put about five or six sprays in the shoes and let it sit for a while. When I came back, the smell had improved but was still there. I gave it a second round of sprays and that did the trick! The spray bottle doesn’t have a ton of pressure so I think I just needed to spray more solution and it will work! And the ginger-y smell didn’t linger as strong as when you first spray it. 

Mom review: Overall, the spray did the trick! My husband’s shoes are super smelly so if it can tackle that I have confidence it can handle most smells. Spray bottle is a little weak, so spray vigorously.

FreshWave Odor Removing PacksThe next item I tried was one of the odor removing packs. These packs contain beads filled with natural plant extracts. The directions say you can toss them anywhere a smell may lurk. They suggest inside shoes, gym bags, or the diaper pail. I would have LOVED to have had these when we used a Diaper Genie with my kids but I tried it on the next stinkiest place in my home: my kitchen trash can. FreshWave has a small container you can place these packs in and then you can stick them inside your trash can. I’ve had mine in place for almost three weeks and it’s still going strong!

I’m curious to see how long they last and how often I would need to replace it. But for now, it’s working great!

I’m not sure I would use the packs without being inside the container only because I’m afraid my kids will think they are a toy. I can see them ripping the pack open and those beads going everywhere. But after they get a little bit older these might come in handy for their sports bags. I might throw one in my car to help stave off the McDonald’s and dirty socks smell that I can’t seem to ever be rid of. 

Mom review: I like using the packs inside the container by placing them in garbage cans or diaper pails. Seems to help remove the harsh odors and after three weeks the packs are still going strong. Will I remember to change it out? Jury is out…

FreshWave CandleNext up is the FreshWave candle. I put this in a place I think would benefit from its use the most: the master bathroom. We all know what goes on in a bathroom so I’ll spare you the details but rest assured I mentioned to my husband that he should light the candle before, well, you know…

The candle smelled like the same natural ginger-y smell I’ve mentioned before but I don’t really think it made a huge difference in deodorizing the smells. And I have other options that I use that are more effective in my opinion. So unless you just really like the smell, I wouldn’t use the candle again.

Mom review: Smells fresh, but other products can do the job better.

FreshWave Odor Removing GelThe odor removing gel was the next product I tested out. This is a sealed container that contains squishy gel-like cubes full of natural ingredients used to neutralize odors. I placed the container above my garbage disposal on the counter. I left it there for about a week and I’m not sure I saw much of a difference in odor or not. If I got near the sink I could smell the gel’s natural scent but I think this might work better in a more enclosed area. Maybe a teenager’s bedroom or a small closet would be a better choice. 

I’m not a big fan of clutter on my countertops so the real estate this container took up wasn’t worth it for me. But I will try it in a smaller space and report back on whether I think that’s a better fit for this product.

Mom review: Might be good in small spaces, but I didn’t find it made a difference in my kitchen.

FreshWave Laundry BoosterThe last product I tested out was the laundry booster. I put this to the ultimate test by using it on all my dirty laundry I came home with after vacation. Since we went to the beach, all of our clothes and swimsuits had a pretty thick stink to it after being bundled up in a bag for days, some of it still damp. I poured a few capfuls of the booster  in with my detergent and sure enough all the smells were gone after one cycle. 

Honestly, I’ve never had too much trouble getting smells out of my laundry but every now and again I get some tough odors. This will be nice to have on hand to tackle those when they come up. I think one bottle of the booster will last a long time.

The other way I used the booster was to freshen up my laundry machine. I have a front loading washer and sometimes it gets stinky and musty. I used a damp cloth and put some of the booster on it and wiped down the rubber part on the front and all the seals and that really helped to get it back to a funk-free zone. 

Mom review: Not necessary for every day laundry, but great for tough smelling pieces. Bonus points for being able to use in on my front loading washer. One bottle will last quite a while.

Being a mom is hard AF

I really enjoyed testing out the FreshWave bundle of products and I think a few of them will find a permanent place in my home. I would like to try out the lavender scent as well as a few other products like the vacuum beads. The best part of their products is their use of non-toxic, non-geo and non-hazardous ingredients. If you have pets or kids that has to be a sigh of relief knowing you can safely use these products in your home.

If you try FreshWave out, let me know in the comments! Would love to hear about your experiences. 




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