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GUEST POST- The Perfect Mom?

Guest Post by Chaos with CookiesThis is a guest post by Jennifer Pesano, the creator of Chaos with Cookies, a Lifestyle Blog for the Everyday Girl.

Let’s be real, the perfect mom sounds like some type of phantom that we are all chasing. It’s like Willy Wonka’s golden ticket, and if we could we would purchase that ticket, just like Veruca Salt’s Dad basically did for her…if only it were that easy right? 

While I don’t believe motherhood is simple, I do believe being the perfect mom is simple. The simple antidote to this phantom: LOVE. Gosh, that sounds super ridiculous when you say it aloud doesn’t it? Could that four letter word really be the answer to the super status we all want so badly to achieve? I think so; hear me out.

Have you ever heard from young adults or adults that they’ve felt abandoned from their parents, or that they have distanced themselves from their parents, because their parents loved them? No. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s because they weren’t loved enough, or they weren’t shown enough attention. 

Have you heard young adults or adults say they no longer speak to their parents because they used a dresser Join a community of kick ass moms!drawer as a bassinet instead of a dock-a-tot? Nope. Pretty sure my grandma still loves her mom just as much as I love my mom, and she was in a dresser drawer, while I was in a bassinet. 

What about because of a birthday party gone wrong, or a certain toy they never got during their childhood? (Well maybe I’ve complained about a few toys…but not enough to make me think any less of my mom). 

So then what is it exactly? It’s LOVE! Children remember the love! They remember the loud music, accompanied by dancing on the hardwood floors, in your socks, after you’ve pledged those floors, so you fly around like you’re ice skating. They remember playing Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, and Rudolph, with you and their dog during Christmas! They remember falling asleep on the car ride home, only to be picked up and carried to bed. They remember the way you are there every time they fall down whether it be physically or personally. They remember the way you cried dropping them off for college, or on their wedding day. They remember the way you look at their new child…with LOVE in your eyes! 

All of these things are love. So the next time you beat yourself up about not being a perfect m om, or worrying if you should breastfeed or bottle feed, buy new Nike or second-hand, allow them to go to the party or not, just stop. Instead go to your child, no matter how old they are, say “I love you” and then do something fun with that love that they will remember and cherish for a lifetime. 

So that’s it momma’s, love is all it takes to be the perfect mom ❤️

Jennifer Pesano is the creator of Chaos with Cookies, a Lifestyle Blog for the Everyday Girl. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for more!

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