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My 5 Must Have Baby Products

Must Have Baby ProductsFor all you parents with new babies or those who will be having a baby soon, this list is for you!

I can’t imagine the look of terror that must have been on my face as I wandered helplessly down the baby aisle trying to figure out what the hell I needed to survive  as a first time mom. I wound up trying just about everything to see what worked best for my kid and my sanity. Two kids later I have a few tried and true baby products that have been lifesavers for me.

These are my five must have baby products!

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  1. Water wipes-This is by far my favorite baby product. Ever. I know, it’s just a wipe. But until you have been in the middle of a literal shitstorm only to have the one thing that stands between your hand and poop tear mid-wipe, well, you’ll learn that quality matters. This wipe is the perfect thickness and can handle tough messes. And the best part, it’s made of 99.9% water and .1% grapefruit seed extract. Which means if your sweet baby’s toosh is sensitive, this might be a great option. I have these wipes everywhere. The bathroom, kitchen, car, and of course the diaper bag. It’s my favorite baby shower gift to give and I always hear great feedback from friends who receive them. Ok, enough gushing. I just can’t help it. It’s true love. water-wipes
  2. Silicone bib-Before you know it your little one will be sitting up on their own and tackling solid foods. AndJoin this judgement-free community of kick ass mammas!
    then they figure out that playing with their food is more fun than eating it sometimes. And their clothes end up stained with whatever foul-smelling vegetable concoction Gerber has dreamed up. Once they start solids, don’t even mess around with the cloth bibs. Go straight for the silicone bibs with a front pouch. These will keep their shape and catch a lot of the mess that would normally end up in their lap. Easy clean up as well with just a wipe of a damp cloth. I’ve tried a handful of different brands of these and none have disappointed. These will also last through the toddler years so it’s a great purchase.bib.jpg
  3. Vanicream-When you see a red splotchy or dry patch on your baby’s perfect skin your first reaction may be “Oh god, she has a rare skin disease that no one has ever seen befvanicreamore and she might die!” Just me? Fine. But there will be a time that you will need a moisturizer for your kid and you’ll realize that there are thousands to choose from. I tried all of the ‘baby’ lotions and hated that they were so thin and watery and many irritated my kid’s skin. Vanicream has been my preferred moisturizer to use for my kids (and now myself!) to tackle their skin issues. It’s a heavy cream with no scent and works wonders even for those with sensitive skin. 
  4. Rock ‘n Play-My first baby was a fussy sleeper in the beginning. We tried everything to make him comfortable but couldn’t understand why he was so grumpy. He wasn’t flat out screaming, just noisy and he never fully went to sleep which means neither did I. After trying a few other sleeping arrangements that backfired immediately, I tried the Rock ‘n Play. It was like flipping a light switch. My little guy started to sleep soundly immediately. It was the lifeline I disparately needed. These are incredibly lightweight so you can easily move them from room to room. If you can, spring for the auto rocking version. It’s worth it.rock-n-play
  5. Sleep sack-Those receiving blankets from the hospital work well for the first few days. Then you realize that even in infancy your mini-me can wriggle his way out of the tightest of swaddles. What can you do to keep him warm? Blankets are not recommended for young babies so a great option is a sleep sack. This wearable blanket is a safe alternative and will keep your baby cozy and warm. I used the Halo brand sleep sacks for both kids. They come in different versions and weights all the way from a breathable lightweight model to a heavy fleece version perfect for the winter. They even come in a swaddle version as well. My kids loved them and learned quickly that once that sleep sack was on it was time to calm the hell down. Magical. sleep-sackWhat are some of your favorite baby products that you just couldn’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

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