What you really need to pack in your hospital bag
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What You REALLY Need to Pack in Your Hospital Bag

Not sure what to pack? Here's what you REALLY need to pack in your hospital bagIf you are a soon-to-be-mamma then you are probably wondering what the hell to pack in your hospital bag. Having a baby is no vacation, but there are some comforts of home you may want to bring with you. I remember scrolling through Pinterest and seeing these lists that were a mile long and thinking that seemed a little unrealistic. 

I’m pretty sure rolling in with two large pieces of luggage plus a carry-on would quickly put me in the high-maintenance mom club. Not how I wanted to start things off with my nurses who I wanted by my side from the get-go (I even brought them cookies!). For my first kid I overpacked slightly and for my second I had it down to a science. 

I want to share with you the 15 items you REALLY need to pack in your hospital bag so you don’t feel overwhelmed by those ‘ultimate checklists’ that have 50 items included. 

  1. Robe(s)-Hospital rooms are notorious for running hot and cold. So bring a robe that is comfy and opens easily in the front to help with the temperature changes. I would bring two because you may bleed through the first one. Yup, having a baby is awesome.
  2. Socks-Some like the hospital socks they give you, others not so much. 
  3. Nursing tanks OR nursing bra-You don’t need both. You are only there for a short time. So which ever one you are more comfortable in, roll with that. 
  4. Comfy pants/shorts-Bring some bottoms that are easy on and easy off. Lightweight and flow is what you are after here.
  5. Change-You never know if you may need some spare change for snacks or parking. Bring a ziplock bag with some quarters just in case.
  6. Phone/iPad/tablet/other-Anything you need to keep yourself entertained and to let others know when your bundle of joy arrives.
  7. Electronics Charger- Dead electronics are useless. Bring those chargers!Join this judgement-free community of kick ass mammas!
  8. Boppy-A nursing pillow is really helpful because you are recovering from a major health event. You want to be as comfortable as possible while holding and nursing your baby.
  9. Easy shoes-Bring flip flops or slippers. You may have some kankle action going on postpartum so you don’t want to try and squeeze your sausages in to normal shoes. 
  10. 2 outfits for baby-Don’t go overboard. You aren’t there for very long and a ton of your time with your baby will be spent skin to skin or bundled up in a blanket. Have a few outfits set aside and be done with it. All the other stuff for baby can stay home.
  11. Your own pillow-Catching some zzzzzs will be super important after having your baby. Being as comfortable as possible is key and bringing your own pillow will go a long way.
  12. Comfy going home outfit for you-If your weather allows, rock a maxi dress to head out. Otherwise set aside something comfy for you to head home in.
  13. Toiletries-This includes your makeup/brush/toothbrush/toothpaste/shampoo/dry shampoo/deoderant/hair tie/lip balm.
  14. Car seat-This may be a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many new parents forget to bring the car seat!
  15. Snacks-Vending machines suck, so pack a few snack items to get you through the labor.

BONUS ITEM: Treats for the nurses go a long way. They love a little pick me up so bringing them something unexpected is a nice thing to do. Don’t go crazy, but cookies or sweet treats will start your stay off right. A little bribery never hurt anyone! Plus, they deserve it after putting up with the crazy lady during labor. 

Grab your copy of my MUST HAVVES for new(ish) moms

Here are some items that you don’t need to bring with you.

  1. Underwear-ok ladies, if I’m the first to drop this bomb on you I’m sorry. But you will not be leaving the hospital in your own cute undies. You’ll be leaving in mesh netting granny panties complete with a massive pad. Yup, you’ll basically be in an adult diaper when you roll out of the hospital. In fact, you should stock up on as many pairs of the mesh undies as you can grab while in the hospital. They are awesome. Unsightly, but awesome.
  2. Diapers/wipes/pacifiers-The hospital will provide you plenty of diapers for your little one. No need to bring your own.
  3. Breast pump-Your milk will not have come in enough to start pumping yet. And the hospital may provide one for you anyway! Check with your hospital to see.

Alright ladies, what did I leave off? What are some of your must haves that didn’t make the cut??

And since you are preparing yourself for the craziness of motherhood, let me make it just a little bit easier for you. I’ve put together the MUST HAVES for every new(ish) mom. One of them saved my sanity during the newborn years. 





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