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Why Facebook Mom Groups Suck (and the alternative you REALLY need)

Facebook mom groups can be great, except when they aren't. If you haven't found your tribe, check this out!There’s one thing we can all agree on. Being a mom is hard AF. It’s always been hard. And every new generation of moms have to deal with their own unique challenges. Today’s challenges come in the form of online judgement, mommy wars, choice overload, and lack of community to name a few. 

Combine those with the fact that when you are a new mom you have no freaking clue what you are doing and it can be downright overwhelming. Cue the internet. Moms turn to the online space to find resources to help them solve their problems at hand. From analyzing pregnancy symptoms to tips on how to calm a fussy baby, there’s advice everywhere.

One common place moms turn to for help is in Facebook groups. Just do a quick search on Facebook and you’ll see thousands of mom groups. Some are topic specific (breastfeeding mamas only!) and some are more general. Many have proved helpful to moms, however, so many moms still feel isolated and unfulfilled with their needs going unmet.

There’s a constant stream of similar comments from moms all over the world in these groups. These very groups that were created to support moms aren’t measuring up for so many women. I noticed some trends that I just couldn’t shake. Moms were turning to these groups for answer to their parenting questions and often times came up empty. Their questions would get buried in the sea of posts on the group’s wall with no one sharing any insight. Or, and maybe even worse, someone would share outdated and sometimes dangerous information.

I also saw a lack of community. Which is ironic considering the original purpose of the group. Someone with good intention started the group to bring women together to help one another but when it grows too large the admin side of things can unravel fast. Commenters quickly turn vicious if they don’t agree with something a mom says in her post. Which is unhelpful and only leads to lower self-confidence. And bad advice or outdated science isn’t caught and spreads like wildfire.

I asked these moms how many groups they belonged to. Some said a couple, but most said five or more. Some even saying 20 groups! To me, that’s a clear indication that those groups aren’t meeting her needs. So I decided to do something about it.

I wanted to focus on giving moms what they really need when they are first starting out in their parenting journey: knowledge and support. So I created a membership community to do just that: The Selfies to Selfless Membership Community. I am bringing in expert speakers every single month to talk about subjects moms want more info on. Topics like breastfeeding, post partum depression, picky eaters, sleep training, relationship help. You name it, we will cover it.

Searching for your perfect mom community?

I will also have a pediatrician coming in every month to answer those questions you REALLY want to ask your pediatrician but don’t think it’s worth a doctor’s appointment. Or maybe it’s those ‘is it normal?’ questions that you are pretty sure make you sound insane but you really want to know the answer to. This is the place to ask them!


And in order to provide the community aspect that so many new moms crave I am capping the community to 500 members. Yup, 500. I want the moms in this community to really get to know one another and support each other in their parenting journey. And for that to happen the community can’t get too large. Your voice is important and should be heard.

Moms, it’s time to put your needs first. The Selfies to Selfless Membership Community is here to get your #momlife back on track! If you haven’t found your tribe yet, join in. I can’t wait for you to check it out!

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