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Real Mom Review: Target Beauty Box January 2018

 review target beauty box January 2018I have never been on the cutting edge of beauty, hair, or fashion but oddly in the last few years it’s become something I pay more attention to and actually enjoy exploring. Does it have anything to do with becoming a mom and suddenly looking 30 years older, haggard, worn out and exhausted? Who knows. (yes)

But my peaked interest in the beauty and style industry has made it glaringly obvious that I knew NOTHING. Nothing about how to apply makeup (why do I need to contour?), nothing about how to style my hair (I have two styles: straight and curled), or how to jazz up mom jeans (bedazzling isn’t cool, right?). But I’m trying and I’m starting to catch on. A little at least. 

And I know I’m not alone. I see comments online all the time from fellow moms who are equally in the dark on how all this works but are eager to learn. So I thought I could share some of my journey of FINALLY starting to figure some of this out at the ripe age of 30-something in hopes someone reading this will say “hey! She’s a complete fool when it comes to this too!” and not feel alone.

Kylie Jenner watch out, it’s time for a Real Mom Review!

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. What the hell does that mean? It means I might get compensated if you click on and purchase something from some of the links below. And by compensated I mean pennies. But hey, beer money is beer money.

Target Beauty Box January 2018
This review will take a look at the Target Beauty Box from January 2018. Every now and again Target compiles a grouping of beauty products together at a really reasonable price (this month is was $7). The sizes of the products vary from travel size to full size and there is usually around five items in each box. 

This month’s box contained six products ranging from eye shadow to a clay mask.

Pillow Plump Lip GlossSexy Mother Pucker Pillow Plump Lip Gloss
Let me start by saying I’m not a huge lip gloss fan. Lip gloss can be sticky and my fast food sticks to it. No one wants to see leftover french fries on your mouth. BUT, I gave this gem a try. And I hated it. Mostly because it felt like someone slathered Icy Hot medicated cream on my lips because they started tingling and heating up. I’m all for a good tingling now and then, but not on my face! I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Then I read the back label where it said “caution: this lipgloss will tingle”.

Goes to show ladies, always read the directions.
Real Mom Review:
Hell no. 


Botanics Clay Mask

Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask
I jumped on the clay mask bandwagon after becoming increasingly frustrated at my random adult acne breakouts. Who knew that shit didn’t go away? Not only do you have new wrinkles furrowing their way into your once sleek forehead, you also get to enjoy the occasional pimple add insult to injury.

I’ve been making my own clay mask concoction using this Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay and mixing it with apple cider vinegar and I think it does help speed up the process of getting those little effers off your face. It’s fun to paint the mixture on but the clean up is a bit of a pain in the ass. You have to be careful the clumps of clay don’t go down your drain because it could clog it up pretty easily. And it takes a little bit of effort to get it off. 

So when I saw the Botanics Shine Away mask in my bundle I was pretty excited to try it. Application was SUPER easy. It’s a thinner mixture than I’m used to so I could use my fingers to put it on. Wait 10 minutes then wipe it off with a damp towel. The removal was much easier than my DIY version and my skin was left feeling smooth. I had a major pimple going on under my nose and I do think it dried it up faster than had I left it untouched. But then again, who the hell knows. I’m not a dermatologist. 
Real Mom Review: Easy application and removal, leaves skin smooth. Seems to help with ridiculous adult acne. Would buy! Here it is in full size and travel size if you want to try it out. 

Sleek Eye ShadowSleek Eyesahdow Palette
The palette came with quite a few sample shades to try. I was really drawn to the sparkly colors and could tone it down a bit by covering it in a muted shade. I have no idea if that’s how you do it, but I liked how it looked. My one and only concern with eyeshadow is whether it gets clumpy and stuck in my lid creases. These did not! So it’s a win for sure.  
Real Mom Review: Would buy! This link takes you to the exact palette I used called When the Sun Goes Down.



The Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer
This was heaven from the get go. It felt like they have the formula down where it doesn’t feel greasy but it’s not thick as mud either. Smells delightful, though there is a fragrance to it so if you are sensitive to that I would stay away. I applied after taking a shower in the evening and even after sleeping all night I woke up and could still smell the lotion. I’ve never used a lotion that lasted that long so I’m sold. But again, if you hate the smell that could be more of a nightmare than a dream soooooo.

Real Mom Review: Would buy! Long lasting, great texture. Here it is in full size and travel size


Being a mom is hard AF

No7 PrimerNo7 Airbrush Away Primer
This was probably the most surprising product in the box. I was excited to try the primer because I am always on the hunt for a product to even out my skin. And I was surprised to see it come out in a white color because I thought all primers were tinted. (They aren’t. I’m still learning.)

I smeared it all over my face and was immediately taken with it. It felt like silk draped on my face. No joke. It was glorious. And I could tell it was creating a bit of a barrier between my skin and my foundation and made for a nice smooth base. It does seem to help make my makeup last longer throughout the day as well. I never thought primer was a must have, but I think I’m changing my tune. Maybe not everyday use, but for days you have enough energy to put some work in to your look, this is a delightful addition.
Real Mom Review: Would buy! Less than a minute to apply, this silky tube of goodness makes your makeup look better. 

No7 SerumNo7 Restore and Renew Face & Neck Serum
I’m admitting defeat on this one. I don’t understand serums. It seems like voodoo meant to make you think you are reversing time on your wrinkles. I’ve never seen any actual results from them and this one is no different. My skin felt good, but my wrinkles persisted. Plus, this shit is pricey. Good reviews on Amazon though so judge for yourself!
Real Mom Review: Nope. Too pricey and no tangible evidence that my kid-induced wrinkles will be going away any time soon. Much like the kids who caused them to begin with. 



If you are looking for some other products I love, check out my must haves for babies! Some of these saved my sanity. And some I still use today!




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