We Run the (Parenting) World: Millennials

This is the photo that started it all. That’s me being a bad ass mom playing catch with my son while carrying my baby girl. When I see that picture I see confidence. A look of ‘Hey, this parenting thing? I got this.’ I didn’t know the photo was being taken which makes it all the more special. The Millennial in me thought, yup, this is definitely Facebook worthy. A few shares later I notice some random turd uninformed person commented that she felt I was placing my daughter in danger.


What she didn’t know was that I was a Division I softball player that felt pretty damn confident I could handle anything my then three-year-old tossed my way. She didn’t know me and yet she felt compelled to comment on the photo publicly.

This former moment of strength for me suddenly turned in to self-doubt. I started filtering not only my photos and posts, but my parenting decisions. Would people judge me if they see my kids eating McDonald’s in a photo? I should certainly double check that the straps on my son’s car seat are in the correct position before sending this Snap out.

Only after this moment of parenting weakness had passed did it occur to me that Millennial parents (those born between 1980-2000) are raising their children under a scrutiny no other generation has faced. What challenges face the newest generation of parents? I wanted to find out more.

The older half of the Millennial generation are popping babies out left and right! Ninety percent of the Millennial Parents Kick Ass1.5 million new moms in America are Millennials. So what happens when the ‘entitled’ generation become parents? (BTW, where the hell is my trophy for thrusting two humans into this world?) How are we approaching parenthood? What unique challenges do we face that other generations didn’t?

Stay tuned as I chat with Millennial parents to better understand our hopes and dreams, fears and failures, moments of clarity and times of despair. Plus, I’ll share my own personal botched parenting skills. Rest assured, you’ll be in for a few laughs along the way. I promise not to show any perfectly curated photos, plated dinners, or staged family vacation photos. Instead you’ll hear real talk from the newest generation of parents.


How will millennials parent?


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